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Countdown to Bejing Olympics - One week to go

Hi there,

Yes, the countdown to Beijing Olympics is really got into last stage and its just one week left for the biggest sporting competition in the world to start. Sports person from different parts of the world will play and will die hard for the pride of there country. Most tough competition is always between China, America and Russia for most number of medals, my bet is for china this time. Being held in China this year Olympics is very much in talk for the Birds Nest stadium where the opening ceremony and most of the sporting events will take place. More than 500 million dollars have been spent in the construction of this stadium and it took for 2 and a half month more than the scheduled time for the engineers and workers to finish the task.

Just wait for one week more to view all the event in the birds nest. Just have a look at the images of China national birds nest olympic stadium pics and wallpapers below.

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