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ICC world T20 is now in super 10 stage. Get all information about daily matches, match results, points table etc here.

Twenty Twenty Live - Super Eight Matches today

2 matches will be played to decide fate of three teams India, West Indies and Sri Lanka. Both India and West Indies will be playing in one match of the two. For West Indies victory will mean they will move to the next round, however even if India win they match first point os to win with a good margin and second one is that West Indies loose to Australia. Given the form of Australia it looks very rare they will loose to West Indies.

I forget to mention Sri Lanka for them Victory will make it to the semi finals of the T20 world cup however even if they loose but manage to score 144 runs they will knock India out of the tournament.

India have set a target of 164 but for Sri Lanka 144 will be enough to move to the next round. So what will team India play for a win of restrict Sri Lanks for a score less than 144.

Nothing I think because even doing so much hard work will get in vain if West Indies win the next match so Indian just pack up.

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