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Bangladesh & Zimbawe lost in short one sided games

Both the mnatches played today were one sided matches and also very short durartion matches. Both Zimbawe and Bangladesh team bated badly and the score was chased easily by the opposition teams.

Match one - Zimbawe Vs New Zealand: Its has been noticed that New Zealand team win matches against ICC associate teams by large margin and at the same time they get defeated by world cup hot favorites by same margin. Today New Zealand beat Zimbawe by 10 wickets, they score of 166 was chased easily without loosin a single wicket in 33.3 overs. This win definitely give some boost to New Zealand team and they can now think of moving to the next round of the world cup.

Match two - West Indies Vs Bangladesh: A horrible performance from Bangladesh and this performance one again raises the question if Bangladesh Test status be canceled or not. Bangladesh team managed to score only 58 runs whic West Indies chased easily by loosign just one wicket in less than 15 overs. With this victory West Indies team too looks to be in the next round of the world cup easily.

Some wallpapers from the cricket matches today:

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