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What if ICC World Cup final on March 29 is tied?

Though this has never happened in the history of ICC cricket world cup so far. However if there is a tie or match being washed out due to unplayable weather or pitch conditions, then the world cup trophy will be share among the finalists. This means that for the first time in the history of cricket we can get a chance to see 2 winners of world cup. Similar thing was observed in the past when India and Sri Lanka share the Asia Cup trophy as match didn't finished due to rain.

Though final match is gonna tied, it doesn't means same applies for the knock out matches in the world cup that starts on Feb 14th next year. If any of the match in the knock out stage like quarter finals or semi finals ends up in a draw then the team with higher standing in the points table will be awarded the right to proceed to the next round.I hope you remember the famous Australia Vs South Africa match in 1999 world cup semi finals. However don't be afraid the the knock  out matches might become dull or boring in case or poor weather conditions. There are reserve days for know out stage matches and chances are there that viewers will get to see full exciting ODI matches.

Keep an eye as there are just 3 more months left for the tournament to begun.

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