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Day 4, Third Test Match - India vs West Indies

Though rain ruined the the play for almost 1.5 days, the third test match stil looks moving towards a dicisive end. and in case there is no result for this match then definitely it would be an interesting draw. I how rain will not play spoilsport here. At stumps on day three India have took lead of 104 runs. India still have 4 wickets in hand and captain M S Dhoni is batting alongwith Harbhajan Singh.

India would like to bat for two session on day 4 however for West Indies target would be to restrict India as quick as possible and dont get the lead past 200. In case Indian team takes a lead of more than 200 runs Match will be over for West Indies no matter how many sessions are left for them to play. Under that cirsumstances they can only play ofr a draw and for which they have to bat also one and half day ( a troublesome task).

Even if West Indies manage to restric team India early within a lead of 150 runs then also they have to bat really really well and at least few good partnership, in case they can manage to loose less than 5 wickets today they will be in a position to take the match to draw. Winning from here for West Indies look one in a million chance.

However cricket is a game of uncertainities anything can happen in this game. Just wait and watch the live 4th day score of the match to see where game progresses from here now on.

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