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Titans Clash Again - India Vs Pakistan in Champions Trophy Match Live

India and Pakistan cricket match once again, and thank god its Saturday else productivity of most of the companies might have got down. Its already monsoons showering both the Asian countries India and Pakistan  and what can be a better way to enjoy the holiday watching the match between India and Pakistan. Its already a rainy day here in Chandigarh, North India and I am planning to watch the match live with tea and pakoras, samosas. If power cuts halth the live TV coverage of the match then I've this blog to catch all the action of India vs Pakistan match online.

In the history of the Champions Trophy, India have never beaten the Pakistan team and this is there last chance to make the changes in the record books  as there won't be any Champions Trophy in the future.  For both the teams its more important match and the Pakstian skipper even stated that this match is like final for them.

For fans also this is a very very important match and you can get the idea of the intesity and pressure from the fact the tickets for this match were sold within half an hour the online selling of the tickets started.

India has already qualified for the semi finals by beating South Africa and West Indies , so for them its to keep the winning momentum however for Pakistan its a match for pride, they need to win it so that they can leave the tournament with a win.

SO enjoy the Saturday watching the match.