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India Vs Afghanistan Match in World cup Today | Cricket World Cup 2019

This will be another match to be viewed by a lot of viewers both in the stadium and by other means, live, internet, TV or Radio etc. Though it seems like this is going to be a one sided match and India can win the match easily. But as they say cricket is a game of uncertainties so anything can happen in the match today. I hope Afghanistan team will fight hard for there glory.

Afghanistan is the only team in the world cup that has lost all the matches. 0 points from 5 matches so far, thus the chances of the team qualifying for the next round for nil, still in the remaining 4 matches they can show the world and the fans but the team is capable of.

10:00 IST: Match starts in 3 hours from now.

Match 26 Australia vs Bangladesh live from Nottingham

These two teams haven't played much cricket against each other. Last time they played was in 2017 champions trophy and the match ended without any results. Match previous to that was abandoned due to rain and this match was in 2015. So these two teams doesn't play much against each other.

Match today is important for Bangladesh, the team has improved a lot in recent years. In the last match they defeated West Indies and the team must win the match today to be competent in the world cup.

11:43 IST: Around 2:30 hrs for the toss. Weather seems to be OK today for a full match.
11:44 IST: Bangladesh may not be the favourites for the world cup, but the have beaten the team that were considered to be among the favourites for the knock out stages. Beating South Africa and West Indies have boosted the confidence of the team already. And today they face Australia a team that have won the world cup 5 times.
14:53 IST: Toss time, Australia won the toss and elected to bat. 
15:27 IST: Australia 31/0 in 6 overs
15:40 IST: Australia 46/0 in 8.4 overs

Cricket World Cup Match Today - New Zealand Vs South Africa

New Zealand Vs South Africa Cricket Match Updates and Live Score

The semi-finalists of the last world cup meet in the group stage matches of the world cup. New Zealand beat South Africa in  the last world cup to play the finals against Australia. Both team play each other again today.

For South Africa this is a must win match to keep there hopes in world cup alive. If South Africa win today, the team can move to the mid of the point table along with Bandladesh and if they win more matches the chance to play semi-finals again remain alive.

New Zealand team is still unbeaten in the world cup. This makes kiwis the strong contender for the title.

14:00 IST: Match starts in an hour from now.

One must note that so far New Zealand have faced weaker teams in the world cup. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are the teams they have defeated in the world cup. The match against India was washed off. This means NZ team might slide down in points table in the later stages of the tournament.

14:33 IST: Toss is delayed due to wet outfield.
15:17 IST: Grounds men busy drying the ground. Sun is out, play is possible today. Another inspection in some time.
15:48 IST: Toss in 15 minutes.
15:49 IST: Loss of two overs, this will be a 59 overs match and 1-10, 11-39, and 40-49 is the time for power plays. 
16:07 IST: Time for toss, Call for heads from Du Plesis and its a tail. NZ decides to bowl first. 
16:30 IST: Matt Henry to bowl the first ball of the match.
16:36 IST: De Kock gone at score of 5.  SA 11/1 in 2 overs. 

16:57 IST: Runs not coming easily, some good swing bowling display by New Zealand bowlers. Score is SA 22/1 in 6.5 overs. 
15:13 IST: Amla and Du Plesis building the innings slowly. Score in 40/1 in 10.5 overs. A good partnership here can make South Africa recover from the earlier loss of the opener De Kock.
17:33 IST: Ferguson  break this partnership. Du Plessis out scoring 23 runs of 35 balls. Markram is the next man to bat. 
18:02 IST: This is a slow start from South Africa. Positive are that Hashim Amla is on  the way to score a half century and South Africa team asxcore is nearing 100. Scoreboard reads SA 84/2 in 23.1 overs. 
18:17 IST: 50 for Amla and South Africa score goes past 100, still match in not in favour if SA. They need to accelerate the run rate. 
18:18 IST: Score is SA 108/2 in 27 overs. 
18:25: South Africa lost another wicket, set batsmen Hashim Amla out at the individual score of 55. SA 114/3 in 28.3 overs. 

Bangladesh Vs England Match Live Scoreboard

Bangladesh is not a week team in world cricket anymore. The team is full of talented cricketers and these days the matches are very close.  Recently is world cup they defeated South Africa and the match against New Zealand was very close, a few mistakes if  didn't happen match was all for Bangladesh.

Now the Bangla team is all set to play against the host England. Both team have played two match so far and won one each. Though England team looks strong in these home conditions still this Bangladesh team is capable of surprise any team on a given day.

Match will start tomorrow at 15:00 IST

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan Cricket World Cup Match Today

14:07 IST: Both teams have won one and lost one. Today a win for the team will boost the confidence of both the teams. Match starts in one hours from now.

14:47 IST: Toss is delayed due to rain.
15:45 IST: It still raining, though not that heavily.
16:44 IST: Its still raining and seems like both teams will share 1 points each. No chances of improvement.
17:56 IST: Still raining
19:04 IST: Inspection in few minutes. Umpires to decide if a play is possible.
1945 IST: Umpired watching for another inspection. 

Australia vs West Indies Match in World Cup Today

The two match played yesterday was like we are watching the same movie with different stars in it.  Match between India, South Africa and the second match between New Zealand and Bangladesh were almost the same. Just the fact that Bangaldesh score a bit more than South Africa and New Zealand Lost a bit more wickets than India while chase.

Now today is going to be an interesting match. Its between the West Indies and Australia. Now if today West Indies win the match than I'll definitely say that they have a good chance to make it to the semi-finals. As the NRR of West Indies team is very high and in chance to a tie of points, they will easily make it to the next round.

The net run rate of West Indies is 5.802 and the next best team in New Zealand with net run rate of 2,279. Australia NRR is 1.86 and all remaining teams net run rate is below 1.

However we know its a long tournament and there are many matches to be played, so a few good or bad matches can change the scenario.

11:39 IST Match starts in 3:21 mins from now.
14:31 IST: Weather looking fine, sun is out. Bit cold but a fine weather for a cricket match.

Last 5 match history:
If we look at last 5 matches track then Australia team looks in a great form having won all the last five matches they played. West Indies on the other hand has won only two matches and one was the world cup match against Pakistan few days back.

14:36 IST: Its time for toss. West Indies won the toss and they elected to field first.
15:37 IST: After a quick start 2st over that got 12 runs. Australia is in trouble with a score of 36/3 in 7 overs.
15:39 IST: One wicket each for Thoams, Cottrell and Russell
16:36 IST: Half of the Australian team back to Pavilion and not even 100 runs on the boards. Current score is Aus 82/5 in 19 overs. Another low scoring match with changes for West Indies to keep there net run rate higher.
16:39 IST: This is a balanced West Indies team 4 all rounder, 3 bowler and 4 batsmen
16:56 IST: Some quick boundaries from Alex Carrey. Australia score in 110/5 in 24 Overs
16:58 IST: The scoreboard should have been in favour of Australia had they lots 2 wickets less. The pitch is good for bowlers and had the batsmen stayed on the crease a bit more to understand how it behaves.

17:09 IST: 48 runs in last 5 overs and 0 wickets. The two batsmen scoring quickly. Score in 129/5 in 27 overs.
17:32 IST: Another wicket gone. Alex Carrey our for 45. A very good partnership between him and Smith. Australia in now 149/6 in 32 overs. Its sounds like they can get to a respectable total from here.

18:13 IST: Smith on 60 and Nile nears fifty require 2more runs
18:16: Half century for Nile. Aus 226/4 in 43 overs. This score looks good on the scoreboard now.

21:39 IST: Match evenly staged at this moment. A partnership can lead to victory whereas 2 more wickets can do magic for Australia

India vs South Africa Wold Cup Match Today

Team India doesn't have a good arrival in England for 2019 wold and and they lost first warm up match to New Zealand. They also don't have a good start to the second warm up match as well played again Bangladesh.

Now team India has to start the world cup journey with the first match again South Africa on Wednesday 5 of June, 2019. This is the eighth match of the tournament. South Africa already played the opening match of the world cup against the host England on 30th of May. The match details are here.

Coming to this match, I feel South Africa are favorites due to the bowling and all rounder in the team. However team India main strength is batting and on a given day there bating line up can destroy the world best bowling lines. Few minutes fore the toss and we will come with more updates.

Keep  watching.

12:22 IST: This is third game for South Africa and first one for Team India. I think SA has to win this game for sure to keep there hopes in tournament live. They need to win 5 out of remaining 7 matches to qualify for the next round.

12:25 IST: with Dale Steyn out of the tournament, it'd be interesting to see what combination SA plays today. For India the captain has to calculate whether to play 2 or 1 spinner.

12:52 IST: Last five matches performance for both teams. South African won 3 of last five matches. Means before the start of world cup they have won 3 matches back to back. India on the other hand entered world cup with three state defeats from Australia.

12:56 IST: India has never lost a match to South Africa in ICC Events since 2012.

13:06 IST: Head to head in last five matches played, India won 4 of those.
14:37 IST: South Africa won the toss and they elected to bad.
15:34: South Africa already 2 wickets down. Another poor start for the team. Score 30/2 in 7 overs. Bumrah took both the tickets.

16:02 IST: SA are building the inning slowly to recover from early loss of two wickets. Score is 43/2 in 12 overs.
16:29 IST: van der Dussen out.  Chahal got him. Scoreboard reads: 78/3 in 19.2 overs.
16:46 IST: Almost Half overs of SA innings and half team out. Score 98/5 in in 22.3 overs. 

17:35 IST: SA 134/5 in 35.2 over. Seems they might reach 289
17:43 IST: Miller gone, Again Chahal. South Africa in trouble. Score is 140/6 in 37 overs.
17:52 IST: One more for Chahal and now its tail in the batting order.
17:53: Phehlukwayo out scoring 34 runs. 
17:54 There are two more overs for Chahal - 4 wickets in 8 overs and gave 34 runs only. Seems like 5 for in the picture and MOM award as well.
18:58: India need 228 runs to win. SA 227/9 in 50 overs. India can win match in less than 40 overs. so NRR keeps high.

19:39 IST: India got to a poor start. Alreay lost Dhawan and score is 14/1 in 7 overs.

New Zealand Vs Sri Lanka Match in World Cup Today

Watch the live score of New Zealand and Sri Lanka today. 

Check ball by ball details of the score above. 

Match Preview: 
New Zealand, the finalist of last world cup Or we can runner ups of 2015 world cup. They got defeated by the co-hosts Australia then. However this world cup in in different part of the globe with different playing conditions. And above that the format of the world cup is also different. 

For us at ICC Cricket Blogspot, it seems that New Zealand are the favorites for this match. 

Sri Lanka sas won 1 of the last five ODIs they played

New Zealand has lost 1 of the last five OIDs they played

Match starts in one hour from now.

15:47 IST: Sri Lanka alreay lost 3 wickets with just 50 runs on the scoreboard.
16:30 IST: SL 83 for 6 in 18.3 overs.  Five batsmen are back in pavillion with less than 10 individual runs.
16:33 IST: Only hope for Sri Lanka is the current pair of batsmen. Opener FDM Karunaratne is still on the crease with score of 26 and to give him company is TC Perera with 15 runs. Hope they can get the team to a respectable score.
16:36 IST: If Sri Lanka manage to double the current score then there bowler might feel something to defend. Net Run Rate will definitely going to play a major role for the teams to qualify to the knockouts round.

16:39 IST: Score is Sri Lanka 92/6 in 20 overs. With 30 overs left, hope one of the batsmen from this pair bats till the end. And quick cameo from the last three batters might help.

17:08 IST:  SL lost two more wickets. Scoreboard reads 117/8. Karunaratne nears half century.
17:16 IST: Some boundaries are relaxing for SL fans.
17:17 IST: One more gone. Karunaratne on 48. Score 130/9 in 28 overs
17:18 IST: Lasith Malinga is the last man in for Sri Lanka. Can he do some magic.

17:56 IST: Malinga just score one run and is the last man out for Sri Lanka. Target for NZ is 137 runs in 50 overs. 
17:59 IST: Karunaratne  remains unbeaten on 52 for Sri Lanka. The only positive from the batting display today. Now lets see how the bowlers can respond to this low total to defend.  NZ might look this as opportunity to finish math quickly and boost the net run rate. NRR might come handly in the later stages.

18:00 IST: NZ first runs come from a boundary. Guptil score 4 agains Malinga.
18:28 IST: NZ already 50 runs opening partnership.
18:30 IST: Less than 100 runs now needed to win  for NZ.
18:40 IST: NZ 68/0 in 9 overs. Match results already clear.
18:57 IST: NZ score in 95/0 in 13 overs.  Not a consolation wicket for SL bowlers.
18:58 IST: Its 50 for Guptil in just 39 deliveries.
18:59 IST: possibilties of getting a wicket here for Sri Lanka
19:00 IST: 50 for Munro as well. He took 2 balls more than Guptil
19:05 IST: NZ 112/0 in 14.3 overs. Just 25 runs more needed.
19:18 IST: Scores tied. NZ just one hit away from victory
19:20 IST: NZ won by 10 wickets in just 16.1 overs. what a victory. 
Previous match results: West Indies defeated Pakistan Read Pakistan Vs West Indies