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Batsmen to score 6 consecutive sixes

Hitting a six in a cricket match means batsmen is really in good touch and has played the ball really well. What would you say about a batsmen who had 6 consecutive sixers in a match. These is a very rare achievement and only a handful of cricketers has for the ability to do so. Listed below are the batsmen who have scored continuous six sixes in the history of cricket.

Batsmen who hit six sixes in an over world cup match

This is a very rare achievement and the ony batsmen to achieve this is the great opening batsmen of South African cricket team. Yes we are talking about Herschelle Gibbs, he hit six sixes of 6 balls of an over in the world cup 2007. It was the group stage match of world cup played between South Africa and Netherlands. Only few know that one million US Dollars were raised for charity as one of the sponsors was commited to do so if six sixes are hit in the match.

Video of Herschelle Gibbs hitting 6 sixes in an over

Batsmen to hit six sixes in an over of T20 match 

The same year 2007, during the T20 world cup, again 6 sixes were hit in an over. This time the batsmen was Yuvraj Singh from India and the sixes were hit in the over by Stuart Broad  of England.

Video of Yuvraj Singh hitting 6 sixes in an over

Batsmen to hit six consecutive sixes in first class cricket

It was the year of 1968, when first time in the history of cricket six sixes where hit by a batsmen in a single over. The batmen to do so was Sir Garfield Sobers. It was a dramatic over and in one ball of the over fielder caught the ball but touched the boundary ball thus ending as six. It was a game between Glamorgan and Nottinghamshire. Sobers was the captain of the Nottinghamshire and sixes were hit of
Malcolm Nashand fielder to touch the ropes while he took the catch was Roger Davis. 

16 years later the record of Sir Garfield Sobers was broken by Ravi Sastri. It was a Ranji Trophy match between Bombay and Baroda. 

Other batsmen to hit six sixes in an over

Kieron Pollard and Jordan Clark  has also achieved this feat but in lower lever of cricket like the club matches. Still this doesn't devalue the quality of the innings both the batsmen played that day. Hitting six sixes in an over at any level of cricket be it street level to the top level is an proud achievement.

Do you any other batsmen who have achieved this rare target of hitting six sixes in an over. Do share with us.

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