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World T20 match results and schedule of play today

Today there is only one match for World T20 and the Women's World T20 today the match is already in progress between England and Bangladesh. In men's T20 world cup Afganisthan will play again defending champions Sri Lanka. The match is to be played at Eden Gardens and live telecast stars from 7:30 pm IST.

Results of World T20 matches played on 16-Mar-2016.

  1. West Indies defeated England by 6 wickets - Check scoreboard here
  2. Pakistan defeated Bangladesh by 55 runs - Check scoreboard here

Yesterday India men's cricket team lost the match to New Zealand, however the India Women's Cricket team defeated Bangladesh cricket team. Chek the details scoreboard here:

1. ICC World T20 India vs New Zealand (Men) - Scoreboard
2. ICC World T20 India vs Bangladesh (Women) - Scoreboard

Schedule for World T20 matches today:
Men's World T20: Two matches are scheduled today:
  1. Bangladesh v Pakistan at Kolkata - Match begins 3 pm IST
  2. England v West Indies at Mumbai - Match begins 7:30 pm IST
 Women's World T20: One match to be played today between Pak Women v WI Women at Chennai  match begins 7:30 pm IST.

Match updates to be followed below.

3:21 pm: Pakistan to bat first, as they won the toss and elected to bat first. Current score is Pakistan 36/1 in 3.1 overs.

4:04 pm - Pakistan team has got the start they needed. All they need to do is finish the innings well. Given they way they are batting a 180 to 200 runs score is easy to reach. And this would be a very hard target for Bangladesh team to achieve, given the bowling strength of the Pakistan team.

4:18 pm - Pakistan lost the second wicket. Current score Pakistan 134/2 in 13.4 overs.

4:35 pm  - Pakistan lost the third wicket but this isn't making any impact on the scoring rates. They are clsoe to 200 runs now. New batsmen Akmal is also gone. Score 175/4 in 17.5 overs. Remaining 13 balls this Pakistan team need to play carefully not to lose wickets trying to hit boundaries.

4:48 pm - Bangladesh need 202 runs to win and it's very difficult target for them. They have 4 over of Afridi who don't give easy runs.