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Mumbai v South Australia Champions League T20 Match

Top batsman, top bowlers and a solid hitter, Mumbai Indians team has got a brilliant combination needed for being number one cricket club team. They missed the first match by a small margin and today they must win the match today. Being a solid they still haven't any title to there name. They had a bad IPL 1 and lost IPL 2 final due to some bad captaincy and team strategies. Here are the points why Mumbai Indian lost the IPL 2 final:
  • Injured Sachin - An injured horse can win a race only in stories not in real life, Sachin himself should have taken the call not to play the final (perhaps selfishness come to play here) Jaaysurya or any other experienced ply in the team should have lead the team in the final
  • Pollard coming late: He should rather be given the chance to open the innings in bing matched.
that was the thing of pst now for todays match what Mumbai Indian need is they play the best combination i.e. players like Bravo and Saurabh Tiwary cannot be kept in the dugg out are and the major are of concerns is despite having 5 leading bowlers why part time bowlers bowled 4 overs as in the first match.

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