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World Cup 2011 is on

Now its just matter of 2 hours and first match of the 2011 cricket world cup will begin between two of the co-hosts India and Bangladesh. Media and many crciekting experts are considering India and the favorites for this world cup but I doubt if they will witn this wolrd cup. But as far as todays match is concerned defintiely India team is stronger than the the Bangladesh cricket team and definitely India will be goin to win this match.

But more important thing will be how they are going to win this match in case Indian team struggle to win easily then this world definitely is not be an easy ride for them. For Bangladesh team it is a journey for rising the team is slowly improving and hopefully one day they will rist to the status other Asian countries but world cup is not for them in near future, it may take centuries givend the fact that countries like South Africa, England are still to taste the world cup victory.

Watch all the live action of todays openign match of the world cup I'll keep you updated about anything and everytihng worth sharing.

Thanks and enjot the match....

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