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Orange & Purple cap holder in IPL 2015

Who holds the Orange cap in IPL

Who holds the Purple cap in IPL

Every IPL the most exciting thing to know apart from the match results and points table is who is holding the orange and purple cap currently in IPL. The orange and purple caps keep rotating heads throughout the season and in the end the deserving bowler and batsmen get the caps.

What is orange cap in IPL?
The orange cap is awarded to the batsmen who is the leading run scorer in the IPL. When each team has played a match the orange cap is given to the batsmen with most runs and he fields wearing that orange cap. If some other batsmen run tally in the tournament get past the current hold or orange cap, then the cap belongs to him. Thus the orange cap keeps rotating heads throughout the tournament and then then finally the orange cap winner in decided in the closing ceremony.

What is purple cap in IPL?
Like the orange cap the purple cap is for the leading wicket taker. The bowler with most number of wickets in IPL holds the cap until someone has more wickets than him.

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