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IPL 2012 Match 1: Mumbai Indian vs Chennai Super Kings

In the IPL 2011 Dhoni Vs Sachin were the most popular matches. And year the opening match would be once again both the great players of team India captaining and competing against each other in the opening match of Indian Premier League 2012. /

Before the match we'd see a great opening ceremony but trust me more people would be waiting eagerly for the opener between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. These 2 has been the most successful and the ones with more fan following as compared to the other teams. Reason for the popularity and success is that both the teams have almost same players in the team from the time IPL begun and also they include some of the most respected faces from the world of cricket.

Squads for the teams: Please check the links below for both the teams.
1. Mumbai Indians: Captained by Sachin Tendulkar who will be more refreshed by achieving that 100th ton which has been putting lots of pressure on him for last couple of months. Team also includes stars like Herchelle Gibbs, K Pollard, H. Singh, RP Singh, LS Malinga and Rohit Sharma etc. All are quier experienced and can change a game anytime.
2. Chennai Super Kings: The captain of the team M S Dhoni has got a midas touch and he is capable of getting best from his guys on any day and under any circumstances.

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