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ICC World Cup 2011 and Umpire review system

The Internation Cricket Council (ICC) has approved the use of controversial umpire review system for the cricket world cup 2011. The rule had a mix reviewd from the players and the experts. It was also announced that the review system will be implemented in the test cricket also wherein each team can have the option of two referrals per innings. This means a total of 8 umpire decisions can be reffered to third upmire in a test match by the players.

Like previous world cup matches the world cup 2011 will have two pools of teams i.e. group A and group B.
Here are the team groupings:

Group A: Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada, Kenya.
Group B: Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland South Africa, West Indies, Netherlands.

ICC also pointed out a reductionin the number of teams playing in the future world cups.

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