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Can India save first test match - India vs Sri Lanka

Can India save first test match or will it be a winning farewell to the legendary spinner Muralitharan. I am not sure if India can save the test match or not but one thing is for guaranteed that Muthiah Muralitharan will retire from text cricket with 800+ wickets in his stats. Murali thinks only Harbhjan Sing can get closer to his records but he is not as consistent as the Sri Lankan offie, and none other bowler seems to be close to him, thus his record will stay longer.

Now comming to the match India is 63 suns behind the Sri Lankan score with only batting pair of Laxman and Dhoni left. Even if they get close to a 100 runs partnership then also its nothing for Sri Lanka to chase. Now only rain can draw the match for India or a rare partner ship or a long innings that last for atleast 3 sessions.

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