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Day 5 Test 1 India vs Sri Lanka

Hi All,

In my last post Can India save first test match - India vs Sri Lanka I depicted India will hardly be able to save the test and things going as predicted. MS Dhoni hot out quickly, so did Harbhajan Singh, however VVS Laxman is still fighting the battle with some good support by Mithun and now by Ishant Sharma. By some good partner ships among these three India have avoided an innings defeat, this means Sri Lanka will have to bat again now, In case they are able to pick two wickets quickly.

My prediction was that if India batting can last for three session, so far they have survived till lunch with 70 runs lead. In case this pair and Ojha who is still to come can survive anothe 80 runs India can definitely save this test Match. One good thing I am looking is that Sangakara wants Muralitharan to complete 800 wickets so he is made to bowl longer spells and other bowlers didn't want to pick a wicket.

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