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ICC world T20 is now in super 10 stage. Get all information about daily matches, match results, points table etc here.

ICC T20 Match updates - Live Scores

First match of the ICC twenty twenty world cup is goind to a clost encounter. New Zealand managed to restric Sri Lanka to a scre of 135, which is not a good total to defend as far as standards of T20 are concerned. However New Zealand team is aslo in tourble as they have lost wickets at regualr intervals. Match is said to be equally balanced between the two teams. I personally wish New Zealand win this match. Let us what the live score of them match in the right corner and see whats happnes.

Currenn situation is that New Zealand require another 52 runs with 7 wickets and 37 balls remaining

ICC Twenty Twenty world Cup match 2: Tomoroow the secon match of the tournaments will be played between West Indies and Ireland. Ireland may be considered minnows but in this format of the game they can defnitely cause a setback. Will see the live match tomorrow for now let see who wins the first match of the tournament.

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