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ICC world T20 is now in super 10 stage. Get all information about daily matches, match results, points table etc here.

T20 world cup todays match live score

Match number 7 and 8 of the ICC T20 world cup will be played today. You can watch the live score of the both matches at ICC Cricket Live blog. in the match number one Sri Lanka playes against Zimbawe. For Sri Lanks its a must win match to move to the super league stage of the world cup and for Zimbawe its a match to rebuild the reputation they build in internationla cricket. there was atime when Zimbawe got some good key players but all of sudden some political crisis happened and top key players left the game. Hopefully Zimbawe will playe to there pride today.
In the secon match West Indies the host will play agianst England both the teams would like to start the tournament with a win. For host there will be an home ground advantage. Watch for the live action within next few houres.

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